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TCMH – Trust Community Maternity Homes

What are trust maternity homes?

Trust maternity homes are our newest additions to the Trust clinics and franchises network. The mobile clinics are a unique and pioneering way of accessing and serving communities and clients in towns and other rural locations across Tanzania.

How do they operate?

Trust maternity homes are fully fledged clinics in container facilities that are managed and run by experienced and competent midwifes as franchises under the trust health and wellness brand. As such these maternity homes offer the same level of quality service, personal engagement and assistance customary of our other flagship clinics and hospital franchises across Tanzania.

The business model

The concept is simple but effective: We engage seasoned midwifes in providing high quality FP and RH services and products through a flexible rent-to-own franchise arrangement. Participating midwifes use a fully equipped solar-powered clinic in a container capable of performing the full range of FP and RH services, plus a range of other aligned health services and products to their communities and are compensated by charging modest fees and prices for products. In this way communities have access to qualified, highly motivated and experienced midwifes operating in an hygienic, safe and totally private environment that ensures client confidentiality. The midwife earns an attractive income from the services and products she provides.

Who can become a franchisee?

Any qualified and experienced midwife can become part of this exciting new concept in family planning and reproductive health care provision. We seek persons with a desire and passion for Family planning and reproductive health services. A person with entre preneurship and business spirit. Midwifes with a daring personality, business aptitude, work ethics and a positive outlook on life

What services will be provided

Trust community maternity homes will provide:

  • cPAC
  • Counseling
  • FP
  • Sexual reproductive health

Where we work

We seek to serve peripheral and rural communities across Tanzania. The Trust community maternity homes will be set up initially in Kahama, Geita and Mwanza before being introduced in other parts of Tanzania

Contact us 

For further information about the Trust community maternity homes please call or write to us on:

Cell: 0756 099009


Email: carol@dkttanzania.org