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The combined pill better known as “the pill”. This contains a combo of Estrogen and Progesterone which women produce naturally in their ovaries.

The blister pack has 21 active and 7 inactive (placebo) pills. The blister is marked with the week days to keep you on track. The 7 inactive pills are to remind you to take the pills consistently. You need to take the pills same time every day.

There are actually lots of great things that come in hand when using Family planning methods. We’re talking benefits.

  • It’s reversible.
  • Reduces Acne.
  • Easy to use.
  • Does not interrupt foreplay.
  • Safe for any women to use.

Other health benefits include: 
•    Can prevents ovarian cysts.
•    Non-cancerous breast growths.
•    Protection you from other awful complications like endometrial, Symptomatic pelvic inflammatory disease and ovarian cancer.
•    Can reduce menstrual cramps and MPS.
•    Helps in menstrual bleeding problems.

Everyone has some things they worries about. This shouldn’t be a problem, most women have had complaints about such scenarios. We’re talking negative side effects. 

  • Might give you lighter periods.
  • Random headaches.
  • Mild Nausea.
  • Breast tenderness.
  • Weight change caused by estrogen-induced fat deposits in the thighs, hips, and breasts.
  • Mood swings.

Other possible physical changes

  • Blood pressure may increase to a few points. Don’t freak out this can happen for firs timers. Your blood pressure should be closely monitored for several months after start using the pill.
    1. Should a woman take a “rest” from after a long time use of Trust Lily pill?

    No. There is no evidence about that. In fact, taking a “rest” from Trust Lily can get you pregnant.  The pill can safely be used for many years and you don’t even need to stop taking them.

    1. If a woman has been taking Trust Lily pill for a long time, will she still be protected from pregnancy after she stops taking them?

    No. A woman is only protected as long as she takes her pills regularly

    1. How long does it take to become pregnant after stopping Trust Lily pill?

    You can get pregnant when you stop the pills. You’ll start seeing your period soon after stopping and others can go a month.

    1. Does Trust Lily pills cause abortion?

    No. Trust Lily pills do not disrupt an existing pregnancy. The pill should never be used abort.

    1. Can Trust Lily pill cause birth defects? Will the fetus be harmed if a Woman accidentally takes Trust Lily pill while she is pregnant?

    No. You cannot get any birth defects and will not otherwise harm the fetus if you get pregnant while when taking the pill.

    1. Does Trust Lily pill make women gain or lose a lot of weight?

    No. Weight changes can be natural due to other factors.

    1. Does Trust Lily pill change a women’s mood or sex drive?

    Not really. Most have experienced some improvements of both mood and sex drive.

    1. Can Trust Lily pill cause breast cancer?

    There is no proof to this but it is important to know that both Trust Lily users and those who don’t use can get breast cancer.

    1. Can Trust Lily pills be used as a pregnancy test?

    No. The pill doesn’t identify who is or isn’t pregnant.

    1. Can a woman with varicose veins use Trust Lily pills?

    Yes. Trust Lily pills are safe for women with varicose veins. These are enlarged blood vessels close to the surface of the skin. They are not dangerous. Neither are they blood clots nor are they deep veins in the legs where a blood clot can be dangerous, so don’t panicking.

    1. Can a woman safely take Trust Lily pills throughout her life?

    Yes. The pill has no age limit. They can be used from monthly onset bleeding to menopause.

    1. Are Trust Lily pills safe for women who smoke?

    Women younger than the age of 35 who smokes can use low-dose of the pill.

    Women aged 35 and above who smoke should pick a method with no hormones. All women who smoke are urged to stop smoking, it kills, and you should definitely know that you don’t need to do it.

    1. Is it important for a woman to take her Trust Lily pills at the same time each day?

    Yes, for 2 reasons. Some side effects may be reduced by taking the pill at the same time each day. Also, taking the pill at the same time each day can helps you remember to take their pills more consistently.